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Updated August 2021

Unfortunately, since our last visit, the San Juan city council has decided to declare the Beach where Chiringuito Utopia was as a virgin Beach, so for the moment, it will not be able to return. It is still a great spot to swim and sunbathe but without any facilities now. The new pictures show the beach as of August 2021.

The bay is still a good place to swin and snorkle.


To find Chiringuito Utopia take the sign posted footpath from Port Sant Miquel beach that starts just past the Port Balansat restaurant on the left hand side of the beach looking out to sea .

After walking for about 250 meters across the cliffs you will see the bay below.

And the Chiringuito at the back of it.

This is one of the most peaceful beaches on the island and easy to miss unless you know where the path begins. It is only about 30m long and 25m wide but the water is crystal clear and is ideal for snorkeling and safe for children.

This small, rustic chiringuito (beach shack) serves a small, but ample menu

The chef at work on the plancha (flat iron grill, used all over Spain).

Grilled dorada (gilthead bream), gamba rojo Ibicenco (Ibicencan red prawns), grilled calamare (squid) and grilled vegetables a la plancha, are all available and there is even a sardine feast every Friday and Saturday lunchtime and evening. Be sure to let them know beforehand if you are planning on going, as it’s very popular.

The sardine bbq (sardinada) is €11.

lovely grilled dorada (gilthead bream)

The chiringuito is romantically decorated in white and blue, with comfortable chairs and Balinese beds.

The only downside is, there are no showers and it has an eco toilet, but it's manageable. It is only minutes away from the beach of San Miguel where you can use all the facilities you may need!

It is a very secluded place and quite a bumpy climb to get there so make sure you wear adequate shoes.

You may prefer to make access to the chiringuito by boat should you have one!

Also just a perfect spot to drop by for a cold drink, take a swim or sunbathe.

This is called a Chiringuito which loosely translates as a shack on the beach.

They originate from fisherman's wives who realised that they could sell freshly cooked fish with beers and wines to the first tourists in the early 1940’s. They used upturned old fishing boats on the beach to serve from, this is where the old style chiringuito’s got their distinctive boat shape from, sadly that doesn't really apply any more.

Don’t forget to bring cash, credit cards are not accepted!


Caló des Multons

Port de Sant Miquel de Balansat

+34 650 866 199 y 687 253 491

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