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May 2021

This was our first visit to this two star Michelin restaurant, which is superbly run by chef Diego Guerrero, who combines the ingredients and flavours of Spain, Mexico and Japan to stunning effect. The restaurant is in a side street away from the main area and is set in a modern, minimalistic style, with exposed brick walls and straight clean lines.

During May 2021 covid-19 restrictions were still in place and the tables were spaced nicely apart, keeping in line with the current restrictions.

We chose the 15 dish menu at €145 per person.

To start, we had,

Un product, un plato, Calamar a la romana (like a cod ball, but in fact, it's a squid ball).

Pescadería Sostenible (soup made from a concentration of red tuna, including the eye, which gives it a great point of collagen to make a broth with an impressive flavour).

Coliflor Asada, praliné de aceituna y caviar (roasted cauliflower, olive praline and caviar. A somewhat strange combination, which somehow, works).

We changed 4 dishes on the menu, because one of the party is gluten intollerant, they were happy to do this. This, was the first such dish. Guisante Lagrima (young Basque tear peas).

Maíz con salsa picante (corn with a spicy sauce).

Rosa de pimiento asado y un pan de croissant dorado en sartén con mantequilla que presenta sobre (roasted piquillo peppers, that have been prepared in brine with salt and sugar, shaped into a roll, then frozen in film and dried in the oven. Served with a golden croissant with added butter, presented on vine shoots).

Mole de Huitlacoche, semillas Calabaza, Yuca fermentada y polvo de Chile (mole de Huitlacoche (an Aztec fungal corn dish), pumpkin seeds, Fermented Yucca and Chile powder).

Shitake (shitake mushroom).

Vieira (deconstructed scallop, turning its meat into the fibres, composing it, making them into tasty crunchy strands, this accompanied by a beurre blanc like sauce).

Anguila Ahumada, pickle de nabo y pollo asado (smoked eel, turnip pickle and roast chicken. the turnip is pickled in a brine of water and salt, which holds the dish together).

Solomillo de carnicero (butcher's sirloin).

Semillas con salsa de chocolate y caramelo (Seeds, I have inexplicably forgotten, what the seeds were, with a chocolate and caramel sauce. Another gluten free change to the menu).

Taco maíz con algodón de azúcar (corn taco with cotton candy).

Hojaldre Marino (the final dessert and surprise, marine puff pastry).

The service and the kitchen were friendly and efficient, with all the dishes arriving in perfect time. We chose two wines to go with the meal. Belondre y Lurton 2019 (White wine from D.D.Rueda, verdejo fermented and aged for 10 months in French oak barrels). Finca La Solana Selección Especial Monastrell 2019 D.O.Jumilla


Calle de Regueros, 8, 28004 Madrid, Spain +34 917 02 15 86

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