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This is definitely one of the top, more modern, pintxo bars that has a restaurant in San Sebastián. It is in a not so busy area, a couple of blocks from the Parte Vieja (old town), but well worth the side step.

It is a great place to visit alone, should you wish, or with a group of friends, socialising, in a casual atmosphere. You will see many locals stopping by to grab a bite and chat with friends, before going home.

All the hot pintxos are cooked to order, so you may have to wait a while for those, or you can choose from the large selection of cold pintxos on the bar.

There is a great selection of fish and seafood. We had the kokotxas de merluza (hake cheeks) on a previous visit and they were excellent, soft and gelatinous, as they should be.

Solomillo (grilled sirloin steak)

The hongos del pais con yema de huevo y foie (porcini mushrooms with raw egg yolk & foie gras) in which, you mix, all the three ingredients together. This bar is worth visiting, for this dish alone.

Gamba a la gabardina (deep fried battered prawns).

Txistorra (Basque sausage) with crisps.

Brocheta de gambas (prawn skewer).

Also, recommended pintxos, are,

Carpaccio de atún rojo (tuna)

Foie con morcilla y crema de puerros (foie gras with black pudding and Leek cream) Chipirones encebollado (squid with onions)

and one of the very best tortillas de patatas in town.

Everything is delicious, including the beer, wine, and desserts

If you walk in at around 8 pm, it looks just like a small bar frequented by many locals. If you look around, you will see a sign pointing you downstairs to the restaurant area, should you require a more formal dinner. At this time, you will probably be the only ones in there, not until about 9 pm, at the earliest, after they have had a few pintxos, will other people come down for dinner.

The staff is friendly and hard-working behind the counter. If it is busy, try and be a little patient.


Bergara Kalea 3, 20005 Donostia-San Sebastián

+943 42 98 15

Twitter - @AntonioBarSS

Instagram - @antoniobarss

You can follow us on -

TWITTER - @RenoirGuides



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