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LÚ COCINA Y ALMA One Michelin Star

August 2021

Chef Juanlu Fernandez, began his career has an artisan pastry chef and then moved through the many different kitchens of the great chefs of Spain. Exploring his passion for French cuisine and merging it with the traditional Andalusian cuisine of his home town of Jerez de la Frontera.

The visual impact in the restaurant is very much to the fore here, with the kitchen standing in the centre of the dining room, enabling the chefs to enjoy a much greater interaction with guests and waiters alike. Chef Juanlu has a great respect for seasonal products. This is seen in his menus with their modern version of French cooking using local products with a nod to the traditional Andalucian recipes of his childhood. The dining room only has seven tables for sixteen people.

The restaurant now has one Michelin star.

There are three different tasting menus

Universo LÚ €90 Wine Pairing €55

Vive La France €120 Wine Pairing €70

La Grand Voyage €155 Wine Pairing €80

We chose the La Grand Voyage, which started with, apertivos,

Berberecho y salsa mignonette (cockles with vinegar and shallot sauce).

Bolo con espuma de pimiento verde y encurtidos (venus clams with green pepper foam and pickles).

Navajas (muergo) con salsa grenoblesa (razor clams with cold grenobloise, an emulsion of noisette butter, caper and lemon).

Ostión de Conil con caviar (Conil oyster mouse and caviar).

Bocadillo de tartar de Melva y pimiento (melva (tuna like fish) and pepper tartare sandwich).

La tortilla de patata con jamón del día de antes (local potato omelette with ham from the previous day).

Bocadillo de pringá de berza jerezaba (sherry cabbage pringá sandwich).

Chicharrón y limón (chicharrón and lemon).

Buñuelo de queso curado y atún ahumado (cured cheese fritter and smoked tuna).

Pate de caza (hunting paté with Canada geese).

Erizo de mar royal y tartar de calamar con anillo de caviar con salsa holandesa y tomate. (sea urchin royal and tartar de calamar, caviar ring with hollandaise and tomato sauce).

Escabeche de lubina ahumada con cebollino y salsa, emulsionado con vinagre de Jerez. (smoked sea bass escabeche with chives and sauce, emulsified with sherry vinegar).

Pescadilla from the bay (small whiting, like fish), sauce from head juice with three green beans from mange tout.

Láminas de vaca Retinta madurada , emulsión de queso payoyo , suero de cebolleta y truf (slices of matured Retinta beef, payoyo cheese, chives serum and truffle. (Retinto beef is Indigenous to Spain and Portugal, the Retinto is a combination of the Andalusian Red, Andalusian Blond, and Extremadura Red breeds).

Canette engrasado de Las Landas. Pechuga asada y reposada en mantequilla de salvia, terrina de sus muslos e interiores y salsa Grand Veneur (duckling breast roasted and rested in sage butter, terrine from its thighs and interiors and Grand Veneur sauce).

Champiñón con cerdo ibérico. Sándwich de chorizo ibérico, salsa ibérica y ensalada. (mushroom with Iberian pork. Iberian sausage sandwich, Iberian sauce and salad).



Nuestra versión de la clásica tarta ópera (new version of the classic opera cake).

Citrus textures, different fruits for an aromatic and refreshing dessert, with a bitter touch


Amongst the wines we had, included,

Bodegas Dios Baco Amontillado D.O. Jerez-Xérès-Sherry

Corta y Raspa La Charanga

Bodegas Forlong Blanco 2019 Vino de la tierra de Cádiz

Primitivo Collantes Los Cuartillos Moscatel Viejo NV Jerez-Xérès-Sherry

An excellent meal in elegant surroundings, with geat service.

LÚ COCINA Y ALMA XXX One Michelin Star

Calle Zaragoza 2, 11405 Jerez de la Frontera

+34 695 40 84 81

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