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Three Michelin Stars

Aponiente September 2020

A return visit to the Angel León restaurant (famous for his cuisine of the sea and only from the sea).

After moving from the old place in the Centre of El Puerto de Santa Maria, the new, far more glamorous restaurant, is just outside of town, in what was once, an old flour mill, originally built in 1815.

A small river/stream flows under the current building and the energy it generated for the mill, was used to grind the wheat into flour.

Situated on an abandoned salt marsh, there never ceases to be possibilities of new food arising.

There was an army of chefs who were preparing our menu del día, at €215 with an optional wine pairing of €100.

Chefs everywhere!

We had the aperitifs to start

Molusco jalapeña (mollusc jalapeño)

Camorón tortillita (shrimp fritter)

Sarda cortadillo (sarda cortadillo)

Huevas de lisa canelé (mullet roe)

Boqueron verduras (anchovy vegetables)

Producto? mahonese (product? mayonnaise)

Producto? mahonese (product? mayonnaise)

Plancton mantequilla (plankton butter)

Corvina bacon marino (seabass marine bacon)

Lisa fiambres (mullet cold cuts)

Calamar salpicón (squid salpicon)

Langostino escencia (prawn essence)

Ostión marinera (oyster marinera)

Holófilas a la crema (halophytes, a salt-tolerant plant that grows in soil or waters of high salinity, creamed)

Acedía tuetano marino (wedge soul marine bone marrow)

Puntillón morcilla (baby squid black pudding)

Ortiguilla puchero (stewed snakelocks)

Coco (coconut)


Some of the wines we tried on the evening,

Bodegas Lustau Yodo Fino en Rama D.O.Jerez

A wine produced as a limited edition of just 1,000 bottles which can only be enjoyed in Aponiente.

Zárate Tras da Viña Albariño 2012 D.O. Rias Baixas

Bodegas Forlong Tintilla 2016 D.O. Cádiz

At the end of the meal we were shown the very impressive wine cellar where our wines had come from.

Yet another fantastic meal here with the Chef of the sea, Angel León.


Calle Francisco Cossi Ochoa, 11500 El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz

+34 956 85 18 70

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TWITTER - @RenoirGuides



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