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This was a covid time visit to Back! where David Olivas and Fabián Villar, chef and sommelier, respectively, are the creators of Back! A colourful and modern restaurant, with a focus on traditional and updated Andalucían cuisine.

Although it does state, that this is a tapas bar and restaurant, it is probably more of a restaurant.

The menu caters for tapas, sharing plates, set menus and new inventive culinary creations.

On this occasion, we had the Menu, Grand Back 2020 (9 steps for €55)

Artisan brown bread, fermented for 24 hours and white bread fermented for 12 hours.

Finger food

Eggs from Almería fish and sardines with almond base on twiggs

Aerated gazpacho

Foie micuit chewing gum

Iberico pork on pebbles

Carabinero with crispy croqueta (you suck the shrimp head first, then eat the shrimp meat with the croqueta.)

Estepona solder squid in its ink, with garlic and black pepper on a breadcrumb base.

Yellow gazpacho with raw quisquillas (local prawn).

Chestnut pork with a toasted juice of turbot and green chilli.

Tuna belly, bolognese of its skin and basil.

Roasted red pepper, stuffed oxtail with mint.


Guanaja chocolate, with orange and basil on yoghurt.

For matching wines we had,

Bodegas Juan Piñero Fino Camborio (Jerez)

Bodega Cota 45, Miraflores UBE 2019 (Jerez)

Finca Valpiedra 2015 Cantos de Valpiedra (Rioja)

Bodegas Almijara 'Jarel' Moscatel Dulce (Málaga)

Dark and white chocolates

On a visit here pre covid, in January 2020, we enjoyed the following

A complimentary free soup starter

Wonderful chicle-foie Micuit (homemade foie gras)

Tapa vieira (Scallop tapa).

Lentejes grisadas (grey lentils).

This time, we had a stunning bottle of La Rioja Alta 890 2004

The chefs, cooking from the open kitchen.

There is outside seating for warm evenings.

Service with a smile!

This is a quality restaurant, run and managed by people who know what they are doing, from the food and excellent wine list, to the friendly and knowledgable service at reasonable prices, especially the tasting menus. It can only be a matter of time before they gain a Michelin Star.


Calle Pablo Casals, 8, 29602 Marbella

+34 951 55 00 45

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