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A recent evening tapas tour in the stunning, sunny, city of Sevilla with Shawn Hennessey of Sevilla Tapas.

After meeting Shawn in the Plaza Nueva by the Hotel Inglaterrra, we headed off to our first stop at Bodeguita Romero.

BODEGUITA ROMERO Calle Harinas, 10, 41001 Sevilla +34 954 229 556

If you want the very best pringá montaditos (a small toasted bun filled with scrumptious pork, chorizo and blood sausage) in town, This is the place to come to.

We also had their famous papas aliñadas (marinated potatoes)

Amazing carrilla de Ibérico (slow-cooked pig’s cheeks)

Jamón Ibérico

This bar has a great atmosphere, traditional, without being old-fashioned, and the staff are very efficient and friendly.

Next, a short walk found us at Casa Moreno.

CASA MORENO Calle Gamazo 7, 41001 Sevilla

This place is an institution in Sevilla. When you enter, you probably think that it is just a grocery store/delicatessen.

But if you wander past all the food covered walls you will discover the wonders of its backroom. Founded in 1940, it has two areas, first, a grocery store in which you can buy vegetables, sliced meats and canned foods of great quality.

Then, located in what was once the patio of the house, you will find a large long bar with more walls full of wonderful canned food, bullfighting memorabilia and Semana Santa photos.

On the menu are the products of the grocery store, along with an assortment of montaditos.

We opted for a great tasting spicy chorizo and cabrales cheese (one of my favourites of the tour)

Freshly marinated sardine fillets on tomato toast

Washed down with a copa of Gitana manzanilla and a glass of beer.

On the surrounding walls you will find many amazing handwritten messages and quotes, many of them, relating to wine. Have a drink and a chat and read a few. Highly recommended.

Next up and another short walk was

LA BARRA DE INCHAUSTI Calle Tomás de Ibarra, 10, 41001 Sevilla +34 954 87 13 22 La Barra de Inchausti is the young heir of the classic restaurant La Moneda and is located just around the corner. It is a modern style restaurant with high stooled tables, serving excellent fresh seafood and fish dishes from Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Huelva.

We had tortillitas de camerones

Gambas blancas de Huelva

Ortiguillas (deep-fried sea anemones)

Choco fritas.

This was all downed with two excellent white wines, Pato Mareado and Nisia Las Suertes. Again, the service was efficient and very friendly.

By this time, we were feeling quite full but could find room for a dessert, so we coaxed Shawn, who is not a great dessert lover to guide us to the right place and, of course, she knew just the place.

This was quite a walk away, but that was, what we needed, to help us find a little room for what came next.

After a while, we ended up at

LA AZOTEA Calle Zaragoza, 5C, 41001 Sevilla +34 954 56 43 16

This Location is one of four excellent La Azotea bars in Sevilla serving superb food with excellent service in a cosy and convivial atmosphere. It closes at 12.00pm, which was quite handy, as by now we had realised it was getting quite late.

We tried three desserts

Brioche (which seems to be missing a photo, that was mine, so I probably ate it too quickly!)

Crema Naranja

Coulant de Chocolate

Shawn never had a dessert and settled for a glass of cava, although I think she did have a couple of little tastes to make sure everything was ok!

We finished off the desserts with Lustau East India Solera Sherry and a few Carajillos (coffee with brandy).

It was a night of great fun and learning. After living in Sevilla for over 20 years Shawn is the font of all knowledge Sevillano and great company. After leaving the bar, we walked her home and staggered off into the night.

If you are planning a trip to Sevilla and want to learn more about the food, drink, and history of the place you should do no more than take one of her tapas tours. I believe they range from 2 to 6 people and can be organised around any special requirement you may have.

Shawn Hennessey

Queen of Tapas, Sherry Educator. Sevillana since 1993, creator of unique and delicious food & wine experiences.

Instagram: SevillaTapas

Facebook: Sevilla Tapas

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TWITTER - @RenoirGuides


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