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Cádiz is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Western Europe, with archaeological remains dating back 3100 years. Founded by the Phoenicians, it was the trading port with the Americas during the 18th and 19th centuries.

This famous spot in the Casco Antiguo (the older part of Cádiz is within the remnants of the city walls and is commonly referred to as the Old Town) is an old-school restaurant and tapas bar (the name means house of Lard!).

A few friends were on a visit in May 2024.

It serves excellent tapas at the bar. Locals and tourists alike, tuck into thin slices of the famous chicharrones especiales con sal y limón. Soft, fatty pork rind, adorned simply, with, sea salt and a splash of lemon.

You can also try:

Tortillitas de camerones (prawn fritters)

Fritos (crisp chunks of spicy pork belly)

Slices of longaniza Picante (spicy sausage)

Morcilla (black pudding)

Jamón Ibérico de Bellota (the back leg of the Ibérico pig)

Paletilla de Ibérico (the front leg of the Ibérico pig)

Very fresh boquerones en vinagre (anchovies in vinegar)

They are best accompanied by a caña of Cruzcampo (a small, draft beer) or one of the famous, local, fino or manzanilla sherries, from bodegas such as Barbadillo, Tio Pepe, Lustau, La Gitana, Valdespino, and Pedro Domecq.

The front bar is always very busy, filled with a cacophony of local sounds

There is a small tabled area at the back, via the side street, if you do not want the bustle of the main bar.

Service is very quick, helpful, and efficient.

The streets around the bar are always busy.

May is the busiest time of year here, because this, is when the annual "Carnaval de Cádiz" takes place. This is a week-long celebration, which is as authentically Spanish as it can get. There are lots of traditional dancing, elaborate Trajes de Gitana (gypsy style dresses) and a classic variation of sherry wine called, el rebujito (fino sherry mixed with lemonade).

It is worth checking on the dates each year because if you go just after the carnival, many places are closed for a few days. We found this out to our cost one year!


Calle Corralon de los Carros, 66, 11002 Cádiz

+34 956 213 603

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