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February 2022


Casa Toni is only a small, basic bar restaurant and doesn't look like anything special at first glance, but give it a try. The food is great for the price. There are always plenty of locals, which is usually a good sign. You will find extra seating upstairs.

You should be aware that the dishes are generally of very generous portions so take this into account when ordering. This is the place to try offal (i.e. animal innards), like the delicious mollejas (sweetbreads, which are often mistakenly believed to be the testicles of an animal. In fact, they are two separate glands, the thymus gland (from the throat) and the pancreas gland (from the heart or stomach) that are taken from calves or lambs. We had the riñones (kidneys)

Berengenas de la casa (fried aubergine with honey)

Boquerones fritos (deep fried anchovies)

Boquerones vinagre (anchovies marinated in vinegar with garlic and parsley)

Champioñes a la plancha (garlic mushrooms)

Chopitos (deep-fried baby squid)

Chorizo frita (fried chorizo sausage)

Pimientos de Padrón (Padron peppers with sea salt)

To drink, we had a few cañas and then moved onto the wine, staring with a copa Rueda Verdejo.

followed by 12 Lunas from Somontano.

The very friendly waiters and positive authentic Spanish atmosphere, make this a place not to miss, if you like traditional tapas done well.

Most of the staff are Atletico Madrid fans, and directly across the street from the bar is a plaque, to commemorate where the football club was formed.

CASA TONI Calle de La Cruz 14, 28012, Madrid +34 915 322 580

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