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In September 2021 we returned to the fishing port of Getaria on the Basque Coast and revisited an old favourite, the excellent Restaurante Kaia-Kaipe.

Getaria is the typical picture postcard, Basque Country fishing village.

Walking up from the car park we approached the village.

When you reach the restaurant, you can see the famous outside grill, where the fish are being cooked over hot coals in open wire mesh grills.

The restaurant is divided into two where Kaia is the upstairs venue (inside) and Kaipe (downstairs) is an outdoor terrace (Kaia means port and Kaipe means below the port). We chose Kaia, which is designed on a nautical theme and a bit more luxurious than the terrace below,

with stunning views out across the harbour.

We started with some excellent bread,

and then orderd a bottle of Eugenia Txomin Etxaniz (a local sparkling wine).

A free taster of Bonito de Norte (tuna).

Followed by,

Anchoas Enaceite (Anchovies).

Ensalada de Tomate.

Cocochas (hake throats/cheeks cooked three ways, grilled, deep-fried and pil-pil sauce).

We then chose a bottle of white Contino Reserva 2017 to go with the main event,

The Rodaballo La Parrila (grilled turbot).

The turbot is extremely moist and just garnished only with olive oil.

We then followed this with a sellection of desserts.

Coulant de chocolate.

Milhojas Caramelizada.

Torrija caramelizada.

Cheese board.

These were taken with a sweet Moscatel, Tradicion Oloroso 30 Años and a few café Carajillo's (black coffee with a shot of brandy).

The service, as always, was friendly and informative.

After the meal we had a photo op by the grill, some of us still seemed to be hungry!

We ended the visit with a stroll around the picturesque village.

Getaria is still a major fishing port in the north of Spain.

After getting back in our car to continue on our travels, we spotted a great looking beach just outside the village. A couple of our younger members decided it was hot enough (30th September) to go in for a revitalising dip, and so, they did.

A quite stunning, under populated, beach.

They say it was pleasantly warm!

You can read our previous reviews of the restaurant here



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