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This is our second look at some traditional Ibicencan cuisine in Sant Antoni de Portmany (San Antonio).

Located in a house built in the early years of the 20th century, it was one of the first shops in Sant Antoni. It sold food like chickens, eggs, cheeses, pebrassos, rabbits, vegetables, potatoes, and other products necessary for everyday life.

When they opened in 1994, in this, the home of the grandparents of the current owners having been in the family for more than 100 years, it was done with the idea and passion of preserving and keeping alive the tradition of Ibicencan cuisine.

With its few small rooms in hidden nooks and crannies, it displays old artifacts from Ibiza.

Try these traditional Ibicencan dishes, Frita de porcella amb pebrassos (fired pork and Ibicenco wild mushrooms) Manitas de cerdo (pigs trotters) Frita de calamar con sobrasada (fried squid with sobrasada, a sort of local soft spreading chorizo) Costres y pescado Seco de Formentera (dried fish from Formentera) Berenjenas rellenas de carne (stuffed aubergines) Frita de pulpo (fried octopus) Calamares a la bruta (squid cooked in its own ink)

Fabulous fresh local fish

Succulent local lamb

On our return visit, we had a few different courses..

Croquetas de bacalao (cod croquettes).

Ensalada de crostes con anchoas del Cantábrico (Cantabrian anchovies, bread chunks, tomato salad)

Plus an old favourite, sofrit pagés (a stew of spiced pork, lamb, chicken, sobrasada, butifarra (Catalan sausage), morcilla (black pudding) garlic, peppers, cinnamon & saffron Ibizan potatoes).

Mojito sorbet

We finished off the meal with an hierbas Ibicencas which was given to us (on the house).

This is what we had on our previous visit.

Ensalada Es Rebost (a salad of apple, blue cheese, red bell peppers, carrot, and green leaves)

Plato del dia (figs with Jamón)

Gamba Ibicenco ajillo (garlic prawns from Ibiza)

Sofrit Pages

Which is, a stew of spiced pork, lamb, chicken, sobrasada, butifarra (Catalan sausage), morcilla (black pudding) garlic, peppers & potatoes with cinnamon & saffron

Washed down with a bottle of CUNE D.O.Rioja 2015

For dessert we had

Tarta Romanica Flaó (Ibicencan mint cheesecake) Fig sorbet

Service was friendly and helpful and as usual, in Spanish restaurants, children are always welcome.

We had no reservation and arrived quite late in the evening but they made up a table for us after a short wait. It would be best to make a reservation in advance. The menu del dia is a very good deal, offering a starter, main course, dessert, bread, coffee, and wine for around €15

ES REBOST DE CAN PRATS Calle Cervantes 4, Sant Antoni de Portmany +34 971 34 62 52

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