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Known as "The Fish Shack at Cala Mastella" or El Bigotes (The Moustache) this refers to the proprietor's whiskers!) El Bigotes still sits at his table for lunch whilst devouring a flagon of red wine. Unfortunately, now 95 years old, he does not come to the restaurant much anymore.

There are two sittings, 12 noon for fried fish (€25pp) or 2pm for Bullit de Peix (€34pp).

For the Bullit de Peix, everyone has to have arrived at this stunning little bay for the 2pm sitting which is a set meal. You will start with the ubiquitous olives, bread and alioli, and some white house wine

You can see the huge pot of fish stew being prepared freshly in front of you. The owner's son now goes out fishing in the morning and whatever local sustainable fish he catches goes in the pot.

The first serving is a large plate of fish (dorada (bream), burrida (skate), escorpión (scorpion fish), and the like) with potatoes cooked in a delicious saffron sauce. Be aware, that the full fish goes in.

After this serving, they bring some paella rice cooked in the remaining saffron broth.

The dessert is normally a few ice creams or the traditional Ibicenco desserts of flaó and greixonera .

To book, you can phone, but only between 11am and 1pm, or go in person the day before between 12 and 2pm. DON'T BE LATE.... The meal is served at 2pm, all at once to the entire restaurant.

Try a local Ibicencan white wine like Can Rich

To get there, you will need to drive past Cala Mastella and then, follow the signs to the restaurant. Cala Mastella is a good small family beach, as is Cala Llenya around the cove.

A great place to swing by for a fish stew

Finish with a famous Café Caleta, a brandy, cinnamon and, lemon-infusedd coffee.

Legend has it the King of Spain was refused a table because they were full!

Closed 1st November - 31st March


Cala Mastella, Sant Carles de Peralta

+34 650 79 76 33

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