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Zahara de Los Atúnes is a fishing village and also a summer tourist resort with a fantastic, Atlantic facing beach. The village is appropriately named after the fish because of the local and traditional seasonal La Almadraba (an age-old Phoenician technique for trapping and catching Atlantic bluefin tuna in elaborate nets. This technique was introduced by the Moors and takes place every May and June around which there are many fiestas).

In a land that so honours the pig, Zahara’s red tuna is granted the title "The Ibérico of the sea".

As ever in Spain, it can leave the dedicated vegetarian feeling hungry, even the plainest of ensalada mixtas here will include fat chunks of tuna, for flavour, you will be told!

The now-ruined beachfront Palacio de la Chanca was built in the 15th century by the dukes of Medina-Sidonia, who profited hugely from the tuna fishing industry. The tuna was processed in the palace precincts, with bootleg fish butchered in the church next door. Today the palace’s ruined walls host summer’s exuberant open-air Cine de Verano and stalls selling everything imaginable.

We visited here in early October 2019 Restaurante Antonio Zahara de Los Atúnes

This restaurant is set at one end of the long beach and it also has an adjacent hotel. It is known for serving very good authentic Spanish cuisine with an international touch from excellent top-quality produce.

There is a bar area where you can sit at tables or the bar itself and then the main restaurant

Which is in a superb position, with its large windows, to watch the amazing sunsets.

If you come in the summer, ask for a table on the terrace at about 8.30pm to watch the sunset as you eat.

All the different forms of atún (tuna) are a must, as are the spectacular, freshly caught wild fish (you can choose from the glistening tanks) baked in oil and salt plus the stunning large crustacia.

We had half of the big red Urta is this picture (to be fair to the waiter we would have had the whole fish but he said it was too much for three people and he was right).

This evening we ate,

Sashimi de atún de Antonio

Tartar de atún de Antonio

Baked Urta with oil and salt

Some people like to sample the fish cheeks and maybe the eye!

Potatoes and mixed Vegetables

Heuvo Soplao

Tarta del chef

Tartaleta Manzana

All washed down with Belondrade Bodega 2017

Service is very professional and attentive. In the summer months reservation, is a must, even for the bar area.

The hotel is separate and as the use of a large swimming pool facing the Atlantic.


Restaurante Antonio Zahara de los Atúnes Bahía de la Plata, Atlanterra, 11393 Zahara de los Atúnes, Cádiz +34 956 43 95 42

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