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Pristine sand and dunes with a few good restaurants await you at playa de Bolonia.


It is a surfers beach all year round, backed by the remains of a Roman settlement (The ruins of Baleo Claudia 380BC).

The town, for the next three centuries, had a huge theatre with temples dedicated to Juno, Jupiter, Minerva and the Egyptian Goddess Isis, the Romans being equal-opportunity believers.

On the shore were the circular stone vats used to salt the tuna.

Restaurante Las Rejas

At one end of the stunning beach, you will find this characterful family-run restaurant, serving fresh fish and seafood.

On this visit in October 2019 we had

Ensalada mixta

Almejas finas en salsa de ajo y vino blanco (clams in garlic and white wine sauce)

Choco en su tinto (cuttlefish cooked in its own ink)

Arroz con Carabineros (soupy rice with red carabinero prawns)

Served by the very friendly, fun loving waitress

Their famous dessert, flan de queso (up there with the best I have ever tasted).

A bottle of Balandro from Rueda (verdejo & sauvignon blanc) at €13

I also saw a few people having borriquete de Bolonia Frito, (local deep fried fish, crispy skin, delicate flesh, almost steamed and lots of jelly. Only the bones usually remain!) and their world-class patatas de Sanlúcar fritas.

They have a delightful indoors dining room, which is complemented by an outdoor dining terrace. Very child-friendly and great ambience with an open fire in winter.

There is also a bar area where you can pull up a stall for a drink and have a few tapas.

Remember, this is Spain, so getting used to restaurants not opening until 9pm can be strange, but it will be worth waiting for. The atmosphere is great, despite them not speaking English.

The clientele seems to be mostly locals. The menu is mainly very fresh fish plus a few meat dishes.

Many famous Retinto cows roam the area. Indigenous to Spain and Portugal, the Retinto is a combination of the Andalusian Red, Andalusian Blond, and Extremadura Red breeds


Estrada El Lentiscal, Bolonia + 34 956 688 546

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