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This restaurant is a bit out of the way. You will have to go down an old farm road off of the highway and then turn onto a gravel road that takes you to a car park, inside a beautiful orange grove.

It is a bit like a farmhouse in the middle of a town and only 15 minutes from the city centre.

You can have drinks outside on the terrace and take in a bit of the sun, before taking your seats inside.

There is a fun board where you can pop your heads through and take pictures of yourselves as paella chefs.

It is a very charming place. The food was very good and so was the service (we were served by an excellent waitress from Argentina, sorry I can't remember her name. She was very helpful and explained every dish to those of our group who were not particularly au fait with the rice dishes.

The prices where very reasonable and good quality

Starters included

Clotxines (Valéncian Mussels)

Peixet (Small Fried Fish)

Caragols (Snails)

Bolets (Mushrooms)

Mandonguilles de Abadejo (Salt cod croquetas) (€2.50 each)

Calamars Sanser (whole squid) (€11)

To follow, we tried a few authentic Valéncian rice dishes.

Fideua (same as paella but with noodles instead of rice - €13 pp)

Arros a banda (in two courses, the first being a fish and potato soup

followed by a paella type rice dish made with the fish stock - €14 pp)

Arros Negro (rice with squid ink, cuttlefish and prawns - €13 pp)

To drink, we had 2 bottle of Belondrade y Lurton from Rueda (€34) and various Cervezas (€2.20)

Carajillo (coffee with brandy) (€1.60)

Vanilla Ice cream with Pedro Ximenez Sherry (€5.50)

The meal finished off with a delicious complimentary cake and Local Moscatel dessert wine.

Even though it's a large restaurant and was very busy after 3 pm with no empty tables, a reservation is a must.

The hospitality was excellent and the restaurants atmosphere was very buzzy and quite loud. An unforgettable experience could be had for anyone who has not been to this type of restaurant before.

A taxi from the city centre would cost around €15/20.


Entrada Casa El Llarc, 1, 46026 Castellar, València

+34 963 75 79 70

You can follow us on -

TWITTER - @RenoirGuides


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