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Located in Sant Carles (San Carlos) a tiny village (near Santa Eulària des Riu), right next to the Sant Carles de Peralta church, this old bar and restaurant is one of the most famous and the most beloved in Ibiza.

It has become an absolute must for all bohemian types and intellectuals in rural Ibiza, For many people, it is one of the few remnants of the bygone hippy era, probably even the last.

This place still invites you to spend a relaxing afternoon over coffee or a glass of Hierbas Ibicencas, the local liquer.

It was made famous by Ana Mari Torres (Anita), the original owner of the bar, who was awarded in 2005 the Ramon Llull prize from the Government of the Balearics for this drink and for her constant work in finding and blending the best herbs on the island in order to keep this famous drink in production.

Today, the wood-burning stove is no longer in use but nonetheless adds to the rustic charm of this historic bar. There is a billiard table and the much loved, by all Spanish bars, large-screen TV in the well stocked bar and side room.

The side area can be hired to hold local events.

You can breathe in history and fresh air at the same time. Ca n’Anneta first opened at the end of the 19th century and is a genuine architectural treasure and social institution, not only in Sant Carles but in the whole of the Pitiusas.

You will see pictures in a range of artistic styles, which started in the old days when many of the artists did not have much money so used their art as payment for the food and drinks.

In the bar and terrace area you see a lot of small wooden mailboxes. The hippies at that time had no addresses on the island so in order to receive mail they used Ca n’Anneta as their address. Some are still in use. There is also an old telephone kiosk, from when it was the only telephone in the area

The bar is not somewhere to go just for the food, although they still serve good tapas and authentic Spanish meals. It is somewhere to take a trip back to the past and wallow in the nostalgia of the whole place.

Saying that, they have some excellent green olives, aioli and bread

Our friend Jonathon Lipsin writes “Here I am at Bar Anita for a morning coffee on Ibiza with Miguel Renoir, Danny and Pankaj all from London.

This is the second year that Miguel has hosted Bernadette and I on a "food and adventure" tour of the island cruising to out of the way and secret places Miguel is familiar with after decades visiting the island.

This bar is an old haunt of Bernadette’s from her hippie days on the island going back to 1973 and beyond”

An aerial view of the church and Ca n'Anneta in 1969, you can see it was pretty much on its own in those days.

BAR ANITA - CA N’ANNETA Plaza de la Iglesia, Sant Carles de Peralta, Santa Eularia des Riu +34 971 33 50 90

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