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Three Michelin Stars


This is an old one from 2009, but it's good to look back sometimes, especially when the restaurant is no more. This review is from the world-renowned elBulli which closed in 2011 and was run by the famous Catalan chef Ferran Adriá.

Restaurant Magazine judged elBulli to be Number One on its Top 50 list of the world's best restaurants for a record five times—in 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. In 2022, the restaurant was voted number 1 in the best of the best group on This is a list of all the restaurants that have topped the annual poll of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants over its 18-year history, but are no longer eligible to be voted on new editions of the list.

The restaurant was around 7 km outside the town of Roses on the Costa Brava coast.

You will spend a hair-raising taxi drive along the coastal road before getting to the elBulli. The restaurant sits alone above the small bay of Cala Montjoi in an old Catalan Finca.

Looking across to Cala Montjoi

The real elBulli.............

Chefs at work in the kitchen.

There were 70 staff for 54 customers.

Below are some of the items from the 37-course tasting menu, which everyone in the restaurant is obliged to have.

Cane Mojito-Caipirinha

Spherical Olive

Vanilla Chips

Crunchy Rabbit Ear

Cherry Umeboshi

Black Sesame Sponge Cake with Miso

Balsamic Seed & Basil Infusion

Oyster Leaf with Dew Vinegar

Grilled Strawberries

Soya Milk with Soya

Mimetic Almond


Mushroom-CRU with Hazelnut

Pumpkin & Almond Sandwich

Sea Anemone with Te

Razor Clam with Seaweed


Cockles & Foie

Parmesan Ravioli

Suckling Pig Tail


Mango Ravioli

Milk with Gold Leaf



The Menu from the day

The food menu of 37 courses

Wine Menu

Looking across to Cala Montjoi

Cala Montjoi looking up at elBulli

The restaurant had a limited season: the 2010 season, for example, ran from June 15 to December 20. Bookings for the next year were taken on a single day after the closing of the current season. It accommodated only 8,000 diners a season but got more than two million requests. The average cost of a meal was €250. The price that evening, with wine, was €375pp.

The restaurant itself operated at a loss since 2000, with operating profit coming from elBulli-related books and lectures by Adrià. As of April 2008, the restaurant employed 42 chefs.

Probably an experience never to be repeated.

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