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We returned to another favourite bar in October 2021

When you walk into this traditional bar and see all the retro, ceramic anchovy pintos displayed on the bar you may have second thoughts.

Don‘t …………….. nothing here is false.

All the anchovy/boquerone pintxos here are made to order and appear within a few minutes.

You pick from the variety of toppings shown on the fish shaped menu boards at the back of the bar. One has the antxoas (anchovies),

the other board shows the excellent hot pintxos also available, but it’s the anchovies you are really here for.

Try these sensational antxoas on toast.

Crema de centollo (anchovy toast with cream of spider crab).

Jardinera (anchovy toast with a red & green pepper, guidillas and onion salsa) (top)

Coco (anchovy Toast with coconut) (middle).

Crema de centollo (anchovy toast with cream of spider crab) (bottom).

Huevas tucha (anchovy toast with trout roe) Huevas erizo mar (anchovy toast with sea urchin roe)

Foie y compota manzana (anchovy toast with foie gras and apple puree) it's good to have this last as the rich sweetness can overpower the other toasts.

Also, sample the famous La Gilda, San Sebastian’s signature pintxo, a guindilla pepper, a Cantabrian anchovy fillet, and a manzanilla olive on a toothpick and named for Rita Hayworth's character Gilda in the eponymous film that opened in 1946. A classic with a hint of spiciness that stands the test of time. Named after Rita Hayworth because, she was bold, hot and spicy!).

Always drink the local txakoli wine.

Service is very friendly, always with a smile and the place is usually buzzing with anchovy aficionados spilling out onto the streets every evening.

Get there a little early to avoid the crowds, by 10 pm it can be packed.


Calle de Pescaderia 5, 20003 Parte Vieja de Donostia (San Sebastian)

+34 943 42 35 07 Twitter @bartxepetxa www.bartxepetxa.com

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