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NaDo Madrid

June 2021

This restaurant opened in late 2020 and we went there in June 2021. It's not easy to find, as it is all below ground, in a cave like setting.

Chef Iván Domínguez, who is a native of A Coruña, has restaurants there and also in Madrid. Both under the name of NaDo, which means swim in Galician, which is where his Atlantic haute cuisine comes from. He has a great interest in the so-called discarded fish from the Atlantic, so many appear, on his menus.

We had the "Viaxe Atlánticio" menu at €60.

Sopa des verdes (green soup).


Xandia en Albariño (mackerel in Albariño) and

Xurel en vinagre Albarro XPI (horse mackerel in vinegar Albarro XPI).

Boquerón curado en ramallo de Mar (cured anchovy in fresh green algae) and

Xouba ed salazón (salted sardine).

Melgacho en amarillo (blue shark in a saffron and almond sauce).

Chícharos lacrimógenos (tear peas).

Pans Caseros (maiz, trigo y centero - corn, wheat and rye). The bread is great, they make it themselves and braise it with olive oil, just before it reaches the table.

Los dos pasos de la merluza (the two steps of hake, hake throats and hake body).

Esparragos blanco recien cocido "A Feira" (freshly cooked white asparagus "A Feira").

Cabracho salpreso y jugo de aceitunas verdes (salted scorpionfish with green olive juice).

Pato, cerezas, champiñones, foie gras (duck, cherries, mushrooms, foie gras).

Isla flotante de merengue helado (floating ice cream meringue island)

All of our wines, as expected, where from Galicia.

Jorge Pérez Blanco D.O.Ribeiro

Miguel alfonso-Fontán Blanco D.O.Rias Baixas

Roberto Flammini Mencia D.O.Ribeira Sacra

All of the dishes were delicious, it was a great experience, from beginning to the end.

The service was excellent, especially in the translating of some of the Galician fish names.


Calle de Prim, 5, 28004 Madrid

+34 914 45 12 08

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