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To find a nice lunch in the sun, with a view to the sea, head east, along the coastal road from Málaga for about 6 km and you will arrive in Pedregalejo. It's a pleasent walk a or short taxi ride from Málaga centre.

Looking back towards Málaga City

Just before you get to Pedregalejo you will see Baños del Carmen, a summer seaside resort that was opened for the rich and famous in 1918. The still beautiful building and its ruined gardens are now a restaurant and bar looking out to sea and is a great spot for a drink to watch the sunset.

The still, very traditional village of Pedregalejo has kept its local character and charm and has not been ruined by tourism. The beaches here have been divided up, into, small u-shaped coves. This makes them the perfect place to be enjoyed by families with young children.

This old fishing village, is now known for its great restaurants which are all along the promenade next to the beach. In the warm summer months, sometimes during pleasant days in winter, most people eat outside on the terraces where you can see the local way of cooking sardines (espetos) on wooden sticks in the jabegas (traditional fishing boats).

We chose Restaurante El Caleño, where we were looked after by Owner Chico. Whose wife is the cook in the kitchen.

This is an absolutely great place to try super fresh fish.

We had, on this occasion,.

Ensalada cogollos tomate y cebolla (lettuce, tomato and onion salad).

Anchoas y tomates (anchovies and tomatoes).

Top quality anchovies.

Chopitos cocinados en su propia tinta (baby squid cooked in its own ink).

Zamburiñas (a relation of the scallop but with smaller meat).

For the main course, we chose Pargo a la sal (a large snapper cooked with a technique that covers the fish in salt to cook in its own juices. The result is a very juicy fish texture.

In this case, a considerable amount of coarse salt is used, since the fish must be completely covered with it. That is why the fish is not salty, since the fat in the skin prevents salt from penetrating.

The fish was expertly prepared for us by Chico.

The Pargo was €52 a kg and weighed 1.2 kg (always check the per kg price for large fish).

With the fish, we had the excellent Mar de Frades Albariño Atlantico 2018.

For dessert we had arroz con leche (rice milk pudding).

Tarta de queso (cheesecake).

Restaurants along the promenade are always busy and the best, like El Caleño, should always be booked in advance.


You may find yourselves entertained by buskers during your meal.

Some of the locals where not to keen on this one.......


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