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This is the second restaurant we were taken to by our friend Howard Goldsmith, who lives in the area. It is a completely different experience to the first one, which was very traditional, but both are very good in their own way.

Titas gastrobar is in the old historic centre of Villena and serves tasty and well presented food whether you are vegan, vegetarian or carnivore.

There's a real buzz about the place with lots of locals sharing tapas at the bar. This gastrobar has a typical trendy modern bar layout, bright, busy and noisy and would not seem out of place in Soho, London.

There is an extensive menu, in both English and Spanish and also a blackboard with daily specials.

Surprisingly, there were a few dishes I have not seen anywhere else in Spain, certainly not all together in the same restaurant anyway.

We started with warm bread and aioli, with a white wine, Saltimbanqui 2015 from D.O. Rueda, very drinkable.


Anchoas, tomates y almendras tostadas (anchovies, tomatoes and toasted almonds)

Pato en rodajas con ensalada de frutas y aderezo de chocolate (sliced duck with fruit salad and chocolate dressing)

Huevos con Jamón Ibérico (Iberico ham & eggs)

Pulpo frito con trufa y patata de crema (deep fried octopus with truffle and cream potato) very good

Manitas con foie (pigs trotters with foie gras) a few people found this challenging......

Solomillo y foie (sirloin steak and foie gras)

Ferrero Titas

Helado (various ice creams)

Leche frita (fried milk, a sort of deep fried custard coated in cinnamon)

Finished of with café cortados

Even though the place was extremely busy on a mid week wednesday evening the service was good at all times.

There are also tables on the road outside which the Spanish seem to prize.

It is advisable to book here as it seems to be always busy, always a good sign.

The bill came to €140 for 5 people.

Open 09:00 - 16:00 & 20:00 - 24.00

TITAS GASTROBAR Maestro Manuel Carrascosa 1A, 03400, Villena, Alicante +34 966 154 017

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