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Chef Mikel Peinador’s small restaurant is located in a back alley loft off of La Rambla and serves excellent innovative food in a wonderful environment. The restaurant is like some quirky host's home and it does indeed feel like an house dinner party. You feel you are in his home and he is cooking just for you.

The loft is decorated with many interesting artifacts and close personal attention to detail.

The only menu is the tasting menu and everything is down to Mikel, who buys the top quality food for the day at a local market so everything is always going to be fresh.

Mikel personally explains each course as it is served.

The 8 course menu is €65 pp and with a couple of bottles of wine you should expect to spend around €160 per couple.

It goes something like this

Mozzarello - Tomato Jam Foie Gras - Carrot Cake - Orange Gazpacho - Strawberry - Red Pepper - Bread Pillow

Salmon - Raspberry - Rockfish Pudding - Caviar - Sprouts

Duck Ravioli - Foie Gras Poéle - Truffle Mushroom Taco Scallop - Mango - Coconut

Boqueria Food Market Fish - Ratatouille - Saffron

Oxtail - Red Wine Sauce - Potato Cream - Waffle

Sweet Infusion

Mini Ice Cream - Toffee - Sand Chocolate Mousse - Cake - Truffle Coffee Cheesecake Almond cake Rice Pudding Macaron Marshmallows - Passion Fruit

There is an interesting and reasonable wine list including biological wines.

There are only 4 serving days a week and the loft only seats a maximum of 16 people.

There is a 4 seat private room available for an even more special intimate dinning experience.

Because it is a small place and very popular, you will need to Book in advance.

All food photos © Paul Reynolds who is an internationally renown DJ who lives in Ibiza and recently played the last ever 8 hours on the famous terrace at the SpaceIbiza closing party.

He can be found on twitter @DjPaulReynolds @MelonBombIbiza and facebook


Carrer d'Obradors, 15, 08002 Barcelona +34 663 833 717

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