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We returned to a favourite pintxo bar in the old town of San Sebastián. You will find this place down the end of a side alley off of 31 de Agosto Kalea at the back of the old town. It is well worth seeking out and do not be shy about walking in, even if it is busy. Thankfully, we were now free of Covid-19 restrictions and things were back to normal.

The list of pintxos looked very inviting indeed.

The small kitchen staff were hard at work, as usual.

We headed for the bar and dived straight into our favourite pintxo, cochinillo (suckling pig),

which was of the normal high standard, with great crispy skin and succulent meat.

Next up was the foie con compote de manzana (foie gras with apple compote).

Oreja de cerdo Ibérico (Iberian pig's ear).

Carrilleras de ternera (veal cheeks).

Risotto cremosa txipiron en salsa tinto alioli de ajo (creamy baby squid risotto (orzo pasta, not rice) in squid ink and garlic alioli sauce).

A few nice glasses of Rioja helped us to wash all the great food down.

It was great to see the place very busy again, with the bar area full to bursting again.

In October 2021 they were still under Covid-19 rules, which meant no standing at the bar and seating on the outside terrace only. This spoils the ambience somewhat but it is what it is.

We were first in the queue but still had to wait 20 minutes. We were then seated on the side terrace and began with very tender carrilleras de ternera (veal cheeks).

Wonderful cochinillo (suckling pig)

Foie (which was a little big and would have been better cut into 4 pieces, then grilled).

We had a bottle of 12 Tablas Crianza, which was decent for €13.

The food was as good as ever but you miss the interaction at the bar.

The following are from and 2019 visit when things were normal.

You will not see any cold pintxos on bread set out on the bar as is normal in most pintxos bars. All the pintxos here are hot (and made to order) and you order from the blackboard menu behind the bar.

There is a printed menu now,

as well as the blackboard.

It can get very busy at weekends and when special events are on, like the San Sebastián film festival.

A few of the excellent pintxos to try include.......

Sopa fría de tomate con jamón y Idiazábal (cold tomato soup with jamón and Idiazábal (basque cheese) Foie gras salteado compota manzana (foie gras sauteed with apple sauce).

Risotto de sepia con queso de Cabra (cuttlefish risotto with goat's cheese). Not made with rice, the grain is orzo (pasta)

Magret Asado lentamente (slowly roasted duck breast).

Cochinillo (suckling pig) (which is not always advertised, so you need to ask for it).

Carrillera Ternera (veal cheeks).

Beware of oreja cerdo ibérico asada (basically roast ibérico pig’s ear!) an acquired taste. Although, it seems lots of people have acquired it!

Everything is cooked in the open kitchen at one end of the bar.

Not a place to miss, It's well worth seeking out.


Calle 31 de Augusto, 28, 20003 Corredor de San Telmo, Parte Vieja de Donostia

+34 943 435 446

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TWITTER - @RenoirGuides


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