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February 2022

There are a few of these Museo del Jamón tapas bars scattered around Madrid, this one at Carrera San Jeronimo 6, is a particular favourite of ours.

They all offer an eclectic mix of traditional Spanish food based around ham, bread, beer & wine.

For those concerned about how much they spend this place can be a godsend. A beer and a ham & cheese bocadillo (roll) can be bought for around €1, you cannot beat that. or if you have a bit more money, you can try one of the less expensive Jamón's.

The Jamón comes in various grades and prices and is colour coded. Black label Bellota 100% Ibérico is the best and most expensive, fetching €200 a kg. The quality then follows red, green and white label.

For those with money to spend you must try the absolute best, the Jamón Ibérico de Bellota 100% (which are from 100% free range acorn feed pure breed Iberian black foot pigs, this is where the old term of pata negro jamón came from).

There is a good selection of wine, in this case a very palatable Bodega Muga 2017 from D.O.Rioja

This bar, near the busy Puerta del Sol and Plaza de Santa Ana, is always busy and noisy, with locals and tourists alike. The bars are just standard meeting places for locals for a lunchtime or after work tapa with a beer or glass of wine. There is a more formal dinning room upstairs.

You never know who you may bump into.

Other tapas are available, like tortilla, boquerones fritas etc but it is the jamón you came for. There is also a large delicatessen for take away jamón, cheese and other charcutería.

MUSEO DEL JAMÓN Carrera San Jeronimo 6, 28014 Madrid

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