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Tucked away in a corner alleyway, this hidden gem really gives you the feel of being a local.

The bar as been in this side street since 1920, when it was a wine despacho, becoming Taberna La Goleta in 1952.

The current owner Manuel Navarro, whose nickname is Cateca, hence the new name, took over around five years ago.

It is fairly small inside and always seems popular day and night, when it is packed to the brim with plenty of people standing outside drinking and enjoying the Sevilla nightlife.

The main thing here is, the large range of sherries of all types.

They also have a great variety of vino del dia (wine of the day) for €1 and a house vermouth for €1.50

The tapas are simple and high quality, with a good selection of cheeses, mojama and montadito etc.

I am told they modernised the Urinario (toilet) which used to have saloon-style doors but it's been replaced with a full size wooden one, now they allow women in bars, although, when I asked where do they go to the toilet, he just laughed!

The staff are very friendly and love to talk about Sevilla in general and football in particular. They will tell you Real Betis FC are the big team in town, not Sevilla FC

Closed Sunday


Calle Santa María de Gracia, 13, 41004 Sevilla +34 657 59 05 09

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