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We returned to Hostal Marino in March 2024 which is now finally joined to its new sister hotel, M. Hotel. You now need to check in at the new hotel by walking through the bar area of Hostal Marino and the new garden area to the M Hotel check-in desk.

The new hotel has a restaurant, fitness centre, bar, and garden area plus access to the bar and restaurant area in Hostal Marino.

It is a place to relax after a long night/day!

There is a new swimming pool, with sunset views.

and views of the full moon!

with a bar on the roof of the new hotel,

which guests from Hostal Marino can use.

Guests at either place can enjoy a continental or buffet breakfast, which is now housed in M Hotel.

Healthy, or otherwise, with full English available,

with a new, outside dinning area.

After settling in, we popped into the ever-friendly bar, to be greeted by the long-serving staff and had a welcome caña.

and a free tapa.

Followed by our traditional, first meal here, baby lamb cutlets with chips.

and finished with a local tipple, a café Caleta (a coffee-infused hot drink).

The hostal and hotel, the old and new, both share the same great family-friendly atmosphere and environment that was one of the main reasons to stay here. It is still a great place to stay in the quiet back streets of San Antonio.

The following are previous visits to the hostal and show a bit of history before its redevelopment.

On our return to Hostal Marino in July 2020, after a couple of years of absence, we came across a few changes. The outside of the hostal had completely changed. This, I believe, was for local legislation regarding balconies being made more secure and slightly higher.

But inside, was the biggest change, the swimming pool was not there anymore!

This is because, the hostal, was building a new 27-room 4-star hotel in the space next door, which is taking part of the area where the swimming pool was. The new hotel will have a shared swimming pool on the roof.

The two properties will be linked together, with the breakfast buffet moved to the new hotel, leaving the present bar area more room to keep serving their traditional Spanish food in a larger area.

The rest of the hostal is still the same, with good local food being served at the bar, at good prices.

Chuletas de Cordero alimentadas con leche (milk-fed baby lamb chops) with chips.

Chuleton (T. Bone steak).

with potatoes and vegetables.

The bar is always full of locals eating and drinking, creating a buzzy atmosphere, where you are served by very friendly, funny staff who cannot do enough for you.

This hostal is still a beautiful little gem, which is more like a small boutique hotel than a hostel, and is run by the ever-smiling and helpful Miki and his wife Sofia. As a quite important added bonus, the hostal has its own car park just around the corner for guests to use. This saves a lot of driving around and looking for a parking spot during busy periods.

This is a review from 2017, where you can see some of the new changes.

Hostal Marino is a fantastic little family-run hostal, located away from the noisier and more boisterous (known as the west end) part of Sant Antoni and is ideally positioned for a few minutes walk to anywhere in town.

The staff follow Miki’s lead and are all extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the local area.

The hostal has twenty rooms which are cleaned every morning, with fresh towels every day. They are quite small but spotless, with a fridge, a/c, television and wifi. The hostal is usually filled with mainly Spanish holidaymakers, or locals eating excellent food at the bar or on the comfy terrace.

As a lot of locals come to the hostal for drinks and dinner it shows what a great place this is. It is always good to be where the locals are going so that you get a real perspective of the area.

The bar serves food and drinks all day. The menu is interesting, with a very good special, every day and it also has, plenty of information on the ingredients, nutrition, and allergies, which is quite unusual. As it is used by the locals as a meeting and eating spot, it gets steadily busy from the morning, till late.

The hostal is one of the few in Sant Antoni to be open all year round. There is an excellent Mercado at the back of the hostal for any extras you may need.


Carrer de la Mar, 34, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, +34 971 340 844

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