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This restaurant is a great spot to visit on the Island., especially in the evening when you can get stunning sunsets. You will find excellent seafood dishes and a good wine list.

Tuna tartare


Melon mojito

A whole turbot grilled over coals

The restaurant has changed owners, I think in 2021, to the family that also owns the very good Can Carlitos in La Savina by the ferry terminal.

Updated photos and a few words @thomhetherington


The have a very good T-bone, blasted to a charcoal exterior by the Josper oven, but still the colour of a Grand Cru Bordeaux inside.

Spider crab turned into a pimped-up Russian salad and served in its shell.

They also boast a rare vegetarian section.

All in a cool beachside setting at the end of a rutted track.

To finish off a great dad-rock soundtrack. Dire Straits, Tom Petty, Bryan Adams, with the odd bit of Dylan and the Stones thrown in too.

Updated photos and a few words @thomhetherington

Jonathan Lipsin's latest Formentera review...... 2017

Swimming, Rambling, Beaching, and Eating (It's what I do best!)

In between a lot of swimming yesterday we walked about an hour down the beach past mostly nude body worshippers and brazen displays of sexual foreplay who are sequestered on various spits of sand along the tide.

The views are superb and the sea is not bad either.

The water was a turquoise blue and it was stunning. My destination simply was a restaurant I had heard about called Es Codol Foradat at Calle Migjorn further down the beach, it boasts paellas and black squid ink rice dishes. This is a Pityusic restaurant (The Pityusic Islands, often referenced simply as the Pityuses, or commonly but informally as the Pine Islands, is the name given collectively to the Balearic islands of Ibiza, Formentera) specialising in seafood dishes from the island.

They also boast a vegetarian section which impressed me. I was salivating and I was on a mission to eat there. This restaurant is meters from a fantastic beach and we had a wonderful meal there.

I ate every bit. Black squid ink has antioxidants galore and is known for its beneficial properties and cooked in a paella pan with rice and seafood making it delectable .

Striking on any plate, squid ink-infused cuisine is much more than a pretty edible. New research indicates that these unconventional foods are brimming with health advantages. The dark colour of these dishes represents a hearty dose of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients and now researchers have discovered that squid ink protects white blood cell production, which ultimately gives immunity a helpful boost. Moreover, several studies have found that the ink possesses anti-tumor and antibacterial characteristics.

I had researched all this before I went to the restaurant and I was glad to learn about the properties of the ink.

We ordered the obligatory alioli and bread and it was properly infused with garlic.

I loved watching the server dole out my portion and the rice was studded with seafood including octopus and spiny lobster from this coast and red peppers and shrimp and mussels.

The dish was cooked from scratch and we had to wait and I was perfectly fine with that. I detest food that has been warming on burners for hours. The kitchen was spotless and efficient and it would have to be because every seat was filled by this time.

Vegetable salad

All this was for 17 euros.

The cheesecake was a light affair and for me who is used to great cheesecake from NYC this was a misstep but nonetheless, it was pleasant shall we say.

I have decided to stay away from the crowded beach a minute from my casa and instead wander this way to the more sequestered beaches. This is where I am reminded of the old Formentera and it has a more bohemian individualistic vibe. Here I can eat at a couple of restaurants that dot the beach and explore their paellas and swim in warm water without the Milan and Rome crowd. Here I can find the Catalan sensibility I knew back in the 70s.

Immediately after the meal we wandered down the beach and staked out a spot and I dove into the sea and completed another 1000 strokes in addition to the 1000 I had accomplished in the early morning. 2000 strokes !!!

I was ecstatic !!!! A great birthday present to myself.

The rest of the day was spent casually swimming and lying on the beach. When we had enough we wandered down to the legendary Blue Bar where we enjoyed a shandy and some chips with guacamole before straggling back to the casa where I finally admitted I was exhausted.

The Blue Bar

Great exercise, wonderful food, a beach and the sea and I am good.

NOTE !!!! I am wearing the shades because I don't want to be recognised as a food reviewer. I read somewhere that that is how it is done. Everything looked black though!

All photos in this article © Bernadette Mundy (apart from first and blue bar)

Words © Jonathon Lipsin.

If you wish to read more about Jonathon's travels and adventure please go to his constantly updated blog at

Returning to the Island made Jonathon relive some of his early favorites in music the mixes below have some of them. Jonathon's music picks can be found here:

There is also a mix for Bernadette "The blues lady of Formentera"


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