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A fantastic old School Restaurant, run by an old Basque couple serving the very best produce from whatever is available at the market that day, in a basic set menu form.

You enter by the ground floor bar, which always seems empty

and are then taken downstairs to the small traditional room

You will be offered a menu from what is fresh from the market that day, we had......

Bogavante salpicon (lobster)

Verdura (artichokes, borrajas, and baby peas, in a vegetable broth)

Hongos (mushrooms)

Kokotxas de merluza (hake throats)

Lenguado (sole) - Probably the best you will ever taste


If you visit the restaurant in autumn you will find angulas (elvers/baby eels).

In early summer, the special is likely to be tuna belly, but it does change on a daily basis.

The small traditional room only has seven tables, serving mainly locals and no English is spoken whatsoever.

They now have a wine list, in the past, you just selected from the shelf or told them the wine you wanted. Most are priced below British retail prices which is nearly always the case in Spain, a bottle of Contino 2005 was €30.

This restaurant may not have any Michelin stars but is a must for anyone serious about Basque cuisine.

They are only open at lunch on weekdays. No evening service.

Reservations are a must and with only a few tables it is normally very difficult to book. It's worth getting a Spanish speaker to book for you.

Note: Credit cards are not accepted, bring cash.

The price per person with a decent wine is around €150.

Chef Alicio Garro - Photo @Portgaverne1

BAR IBAI (ibai)

Calle Getaria, 15, 20005 Donostia (San Sebastián)

+34 943 428 764

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TWITTER - @RenoirGuides


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