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August 8, 2018


A very busy little bar / restaurant serving up Galicia's favourite dish polbo á fiera (Galician) or pulpo a la feria (Spanish/Castellano) (which means octopus in the style of the fair).


This place is always packed with locals eating this and other Galician delights like, empanada de bonito (a Galician tuna pasty) pimientos de Padrón and parroches en A Coruña (local anchovies).

                                                                                          Typical Menu

Pimientos de Padrón

 Polbo á fiera, The house speciality, served on a rustic wooden board with wooden picks

Most locals drink Galician wine like albariño, blanco ribeiro or orujo (the name in north-west Spain for pomace brandy, which is a liquor obtained from the distillation of the solid remains left after pressing of the grape). It is a transparent spirit with an alcohol content over 50% (100° proof) ! The cloudy ribiero is drunk from tazas (small ceramic cups).

This is a basic bar with wooden tables, stools and benches (no chairs) with a buzy atmosphere. 

Finish with a cortado (small espresso coffee with a dash of milk) and a under the counter orujo. They use cortos for canas here. A cana is un doble. You will get large pours of good ribeiro, valdeorras and albariño for under €3. 


There are two of these pulpeira's, this one downstairs and another equally as good on street level just around the corner. The story goes of two brothers who fell out, so one set up his own pulpeira in competition.

Pulpeira A Lanchiña

Rúa Pérez Porto, 3, 15007 La Coruña

+34 981 92 23 33


Pulpeira A Nova Lanchiña

Rúa Capitán Juan Varela, 30, 15007 A Coruña


+34 981 23 58 54

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