30 Jul 2020


A return to Sant Antoni during the Covid hit summer of 2020 saw us return to one of our favourite restaurants in town.

On this balmy July evening, everyone was sitting in the garden area as we tucked into the following,

Croquetas de gambas (prawn croquettes)

Atún tartar (tuna tartar)


 Berenjena tempura (aubergine tempura)

 Costilla cerdo (de-boned pork ribs)

 Paletilla de cordero (10 hours, slow cooked, shoulder of lamb)

 Parrillada de pescados (grilled fish)

 Espuma de greixonera (a foam version of the local bread pudding)

 Bizcocho semiliquida 

The wine, was a pleasant, Jose Par...

23 Jul 2020

Hostal Marino

On our return to Hostal Marino in July 2020, after a couple of years of absence, we came across a few changes.

The outside of the hostal had completely changed. 

This, I believe, was for local legislation regarding balconies being made more secure and slightly higher.

But inside was the biggest change, the swimming pool was not there anymore!

This is because, the hosta, are building a new 27 room 4-star hotel in the space next door, which is taking part of the area where the swimming pool was. The new hotel will have a swimming pool on the roof and guests at Hostal Marino will be able to use it. There...

12 Oct 2019


This rather scruffy fishing village of Barbate along the southern coast of Spain near Cádiz, has been fishing bluefin tuna using the same methods for well over 3,000 years. This traditional tuna fishing method, known as almadraba, is famous throughout Spain for catching the country’s most popular tuna.

The almadraba season is in May and June. Small fishing boats attached to giant round nets float in an ever-widening circle in the narrow Gibraltar strait between Africa and Europe. As the circle widens, the nets become taught, drawing the tuna closer and closer to the surface. When silvery fins start flashi...

28 Jul 2018


I can't believe I ate the Whole Thing! by Jonathon Lipsin

Tonight, for my birthday dinner it was mixed paella finished off with a hierbas liquor from the Balearic Islands served "on la casa" by the friendly restaurant staff.

The place I chose for this orgy was Can Rafalet in Es Calo de Sant Agustí which boasts the prettiest views on the island.

Here the sea is at it's turquoise best and I like the paella here. Where as other places serve rice with "some things in it" this place serves a paella worth it's salt, studded with meat and seafood.

As soon as you sit down you get a delicious aioli loaded w...

19 Jul 2018

Restaurante El Mirador

With almost the entire island stretched out before you the stunning panoramic views across to Ibiza and Es Vedrá in the distance, there is no greater view on Formentera than from the terrace here.

Picture © Jonathon Lipsin

Found high on a hilltop, this rustic restaurant and cafeteria is open in the morning for the early birds

to take a coffee and ensaïmada (a croissant like pastry, but made with lard (pig fat) not butter).

From 1pm until 4pm for lunch and 7pm until 11pm for dinner when you can try their traditional food like the large Formentera salad, mussels, calamari, chipirones, wonderful Mallo...

10 Jul 2018


This place is located in the small village of El Pilar de la Mola, almost opposite the hippie market (which is open on Wednesday and Sundays) and is run by an Italian (like many other places on the island). 

 They serve food all day.

Bar Can Toni is actually the heart and soul of Formentera. This is where the locals go to eat, drink, chat, play and watch great live flamenco music and dance.

The place is really friendly and ideal for a drink and to eat a few tapas. The tapas are not spectacular but it's not really the food you come here for. An example...

29 Mar 2018


Tucked away in a corner alleyway, this hidden gem really gives you the feel of being a local.

The bar as been in this side street since 1920, when it was a wine despacho, becoming Taberna La Goleta in 1952.

The current owner Manuel Navarro, whose nickname is Cateca, hence the new name, took over around five years ago.

It is fairly small inside and always seems popular day and night, when it is packed to the brim with plenty of people standing outside drinking and enjoying the Sevilla nightlife. 

The main thing here is, the large range of sherries of all types.

They also have a gr...

27 Nov 2017

El Gato Negro Tapas

First visit 4/4/2017   -   Second visit 25/11/2017

Simon Shaw opened El Gato Negro Tapas in a empty former pub in Ripponden in 2005. With a view to good luck and a nod to a favourite old shop in Madrid, he named it El Gato Negro (Spanish for the black cat). Strangely, it later transpired the pub had been called the Black Cat many years before.

El Gato Negro’s move from the Pennine village of Ripponden to Manchester has proved a great success story. Simon, whose love of Spanish food was formed during earlier visits to the Basque country and Catalunya, whilst working for Havey Nic...

11 Oct 2017


Located in Sant Carles (San Carlos) a tiny village (near Santa Eulària des Riu), right next to the Sant Carles de Peralta church, this old bar and restaurant is one of the most famous and the most beloved in Ibiza.

It has become an absolute must for all bohemian types and intellectuals in rural Ibiza, For many people, it is one of the few remnants of the bygone hippy era, probably even the last.

This place still invites you to spend a relaxing afternoon over coffee or a glass of Hierbas Ibicencas, the local liquer.

It was made famous by Ana Mari Torres (Anita), the original owner of the bar, who...

13 Sep 2017


This is the second restaurant we were taken to by our friend Howard Goldsmith, who lives in the area. It is a completely different experience to the first one, which was very traditional, but both are very good in their own way.  

Titas gastrobar is in the old historic centre of Villena and serves tasty and well presented food whether you are vegan, vegetarian or carnivore.

There's a real buzz about the place with lots of locals sharing tapas at the bar. This gastrobar has a typical trendy modern bar layout, bright, busy and noisy and would not seem out of place in Soho, London.

There is an extensiv...

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September 3, 2020

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